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Revolving doors are made according to their seize, in the form of three or four wings.

Special thanks to hair brushes, it prevents some substances like unwanted dust,fly from entering the inside.

Loop system is high from the ground and and works with sleeve bearing system and so it is
 not affected by dust, dirt and water.

It can be produced with ral color and as natural anodised.

It can be locked mechanically.

Sash windows and side convex glasses are made with 4 +4 laminated glass

Automation system with 2 pcs micro radar unit, detect movements and arouse to the door.

And the return is finished, it completes its round at the start point.
During power failure can be used manually.
As safety system, there are jam sensor and the safety of the heel.

  Automatic revolving door


This model blends perfectly into the architecture of any building, giving your entrance that special touch. Especially recommended wherever drafts, dirt, dust and noise need to be controlled, for example, in:

Automatic revolving door

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