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If your expection from endustrial doors is to work in a heavy traffic and also in challenging and changing weather conditions, turn on and off hundreds of times a day, a waste of time,minimize air currents, to remain more hygiene in your available area,the lack of visual and noise pollution, your door must be Industrial PVC folding fast door.

With a fast attack and a very strong body structure, used in the present cumbersome door systems ensure privileged. Thanks to its uniquely powerful structure, these unique features that you can smoothly use in exterior and interior , high working performance, aesthetic approach is profitable and indispensable product for your institution.

One-piece PVC curtains System between the desired module adds a window system.
Dameged areas' reparation and exchange can be easily repaired, against tearing and abrasion because of external beat.


LCD Display Control Unit made with Nickel chrome-plated stainless steel,
it is designed with Speed Drive and Electronic Card and its speed can be set up from 1.2 m / sec to 0:30 m / sec and thanks to control panel's special designed Industrial Media Touch Keypad

all the information about the door can be reached on the LCD screen and this provides ease of use.

Thanks to Dual Stage Switch Group,

door system before stopping points by slowing down provides termination with ramp.This feature allows it to run smoothly for many years.

Thanks to photocell Security System, while gate is in motion, shock to people or objects brought under control. Case of power cuts, thanks to manuel lever door curtain system by moving up or down, the door brought to the desired position.

Engine, gearbox and brake system is specially developed for very heavy use.

wind profile system, has been designed to keep the level of maximum wind resistance with the monolithic or modular PCV applications in doors.

Pvc Speed Door

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